Monday, 3 November 2008

It Smarts

Despite the humour I did feign,
I cannot deny you caused me pain,
Time moves on and you don't care,
Yet hurt is still very much there.

The wound feels like it's rubbed in salt,
And yet I don't feel it's your fault,
You had the head fuck to a tee,
But the problem here has to be me.

You have moved on with life's flow,
The sadness I feel you'll never know,
I'll slap you but also won't,
I hate you but also don't.

The pain you caused can never mend,
And this you'll never comprehend.
For in this mess I do drown,
And worse of all I let you down.


Subversive Runner said...


Apologies Ms Gump!!!! Sian.... sometimes this blogging lark becomes asexual me thinks!!!

Guess I should have clicked on your full profile before making my comment.

BTW like the poem VERY much.

Yours apologetically,


TrefforestGump said...

Absolutely no worries David. You won't believe how many times it's happened before ;-) Thanks! x