Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Problem Parents

Smallest book in the world: "All the Times My Dad Didn't Lose His Rag"

Over the dinner table Sunday night at my parents' house, Dad pipes up with: "Oh you remember that time I argued with that bloke."
Actually Dad, no I don't....there are far too many times to sift through over the years to remember individual occasions...

Mind, nothing was better than his gem of a quote later on. "The Sound of Music...I expect those kids are all grown up now."

No Dad. Kids in films remain the same age forever more. "I know kids in films stay the same age forever..." he replied to much laughter. Stop digging dad! (But don't change. Ever. I'd miss the comedy).

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Juliette Llewellyn said...

i like the photo, how on earth do you read that book! XX