Monday, 8 December 2008


Jingle Bells, Santa, Frankincense & Myrr,
Yes it's *that* special time of year,
Christmas, Christmas, it's always the same,
Shopping frenzy, busy, insane.
Peace on earth? There's not much merry,
With a scrum to buy the last cranberry.
Panic buy, as if the world will end- But!
It's only one day the shops are shut.
Homes covered in lights to see,
Tinsel plastered over the tree,
A smorgasbord of endless plastic,
It all looks rather drastic.
And seeing the cake that's over iced,
What's this to do with Christ?
Running around, and trying to jape,
Decorations ruined, from years of selotape.
Packet puddings, it's a bit of a cheat,
Mountain of food that no one will eat.
It's so great, have some wine,
Everyone's having the best time.
Around TV festive specials we group,
Or Shakin' Stevens on a continuous loop.
Once December 25th is over, forget details,
It's off to the shops and scrums, to 'enjoy' the sales.


The Fall Guy said...

I likes this one,

TrefforestGump said...

Town is eville right now. Xmas. What a load of rubbish!