Thursday, 30 October 2008

A Random Box (of Rubick's Cubes)

Carrying on from the theme of stumbling upon such random things, here is a photo I took in the summer. I was doing a little photography project on the South Wales Valleys, and frankly, it is a hot-bed of brilliant, bizarre occurrences. 
I was walking down a small side-road when I noticed this box just sat on the wall. There was no one else around, naturally. I approached and snapped a pic, and as I inspected the box I realised it was....a box of Rubick's Cubes. Of all things, perched on a scabby wall, a box of Rubick's Cubes in the depths of the Welsh valleys. Why, how, or what? And why do I, of all people, keep finding these things?


The Fall Guy said...

it sounds like a episode of dr who, maybe your going to be the new doctor

TrefforestGump said...

I wish! (I don't even like Dr Who, but the role would be good) ;-) I had my photo taken with darleks the other day too.