Saturday, 8 August 2009

Edge Away

Edge Away; I am drifting off course,
Even the Cat's Paw seems quite the force.
Yet back here again, within my reach,
Returning to this cobbled beach.
Vaporous sounds, crashing and free,
This exquisite meeting of land and sea.

Edge Away; before I am found,
Before the hull is run aground,
Climbing down the perilous path,
From decades of erosion wrath.
Reaching point seems now a miracle,
Despite the state of this worn binnacle.

Edge Away; I am still raw,
Stepping down upon the shore,
Realisation no mean feat,
As shingle sinks between my feet.
The frothy tide submerges fast,
Awash my soul with memories past.

Edge Away; and yet catching sail,
Sun warmth smothers, dampening frail,
Glistening water, sparkle eyes,
Centuries of shadows float through skies.
Carrick band head nothing to fear,
The eyes, the warmth: she is here.

Sedimentary cliffs do crumble,
Through it all I will stumble.
The textured sea, it's moods and wealth,
Will always win, like life itself.

A rock, a timber, please let me stay,
I might erode, but as she'd say;
Haul her Wind, I'll Edge Away.